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The Four Steps

Are you ready to have the Right Person in your life?

"Here are the four steps that I developed to help me identify and then bring the right man into my life.  I found my soul mate and we have such a wonderful relationship that many of my single friends and acquaintances asked me to teach them how to use these four steps. So I developed a class and then at the request of those who attended, I wrote the book, 4 Steps to Bring the Right Person into your life Right Now! 

"The class became so popular that I had it professionally recorded so that people like you can attend your own personal seminar by listening to the tapes."

"My four step process has worked for many singles and it can work for you too!"

"Let me personally take you through the four steps and show you how to identify and then meet the right person�the person with whom you will be the happiest!"

          Philippa Courtney

Step Discover who your right person is and
distinguish the right ones from the wrong ones...

Define the kind of person with whom you will be happiesta person who will like and love you just the way you are. Look at the men and women you already know and like and ask yourself what positive attributes they have that you would want in Mr. or Ms. Right. Take a trip through the ten key areas of your life: Physical style, emotional, social, intellectual, physical expression, communication, career/financial, personal growth, belief (spiritual), and passionsidentify the qualities, values, goals, and style in people that contribute to you feeling your best. Then create an Emotional Snapshot (how you want to feel with the right person) and you will have compatibility with connection.

Step Bring your right person to life in your heart and soul...

Unleash the full power of your mind to realize your desire. Change your mindset from doubt to knowing your right one exists. Get beyond creating just a checklist of what you want in someone and connect to people at the all-important emotional and intuitive levels. Follow the examples of the world's greatest achievers, athletes, artists, composers, and scientists by fortifying your search using your ability to visualize the kind of person you want to meet and the life you want to share.

StepDiscover where to find your ideal person...

Once you know the kind of person you want to meet, determine what are the best ways for you to meet them. Just like buying a car or computer you need to become an educated consumer of dating services and resources. To determine your chances of meeting the most suitable people, get market smart, and understand the demographics of the dating service or activity you want to try. Focus on activities where you feel the most comfortable and confident so people will find you more attractive. Apply the principles of marketing�understand the needs of the kind of person you want to meet; focus on that in all your communications so they will recognize them self in your words.

Step 4  Find out if it�s love, lust, or fantasy...

Enjoy the pleasures of attraction and romance while you keep your feet firmly on the ground. Use a DateBook to keep track of how your feelings change with each date and as you date different people. Learn how to recognize, cure, and avoid the most common dating maladies: Premature Expectation, Romantic Fantasia and Lust Blindness. Focus on finding compatibility-the chemistry emerges on it's own. Lighten up and enjoy the journey as you practice meeting a better quality of dates and learn how to recognize the right person for you.

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