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� the advice column for intelligent single adults �

Written by Philippa Courtney, the author of the book
4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now.
(Philippa is pronounced fill-ip-ah�the British way)


Wishing You All The Love
You So Richly Deserve

Dear Readers,

In 1998 I started on a mission to help people like me, singe adults who have struggled to believe in themselves and their ability to have love in their lives. I have considered it an incredible honor to have been entrusted with your personal challenges, your hopes and your dreams. However, now it is time for me to take another path. My new calling is writing inspirational novels. So you see my mission to help others continues, just in a different form.

I have published my last AskPhilippa letter. This is a bittersweet time because I feel so connected to so many of you across this country and around the world. Please never forget how amazing you are and that you personally deserve all the love that I know you so richly deserve to have in your life.

All the best to you,


P.S.  All of my AskPhilippa columns will continue to be available to you on this website.

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