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Back in the Dating Game

Dear Philippa:

My wife and I broke up after 10 years. She left about five months ago. I'm lonely and I just don't feel that I have what it takes to attract anybody. My sister says my problem is poor self-esteem. What can I do to change the way women see me and attract the right kind of women?

�Joe, Mendocino, California


Dear Joe:

After a relationship ends the readjustment can be painful, especially when we are left behind. Give yourself time to heal. There are many excellent books on increasing self-esteem and dealing with loss, in the self-help section of your neighborhood bookstore, that can help you get back on your feet.

Our divorced students say that after using the Meant2Be Profile to define the kind of person with whom they will feel the happiest, they realize why their marriages didn't work. Often long-term relationships end because of poor compatibility. When you identify the style, traits, and values in a person that you need to be happy, this may free you from a sense of failure. You will also realize that you can have someone in your life who accepts you just the way you are-someone who can be a true life partner and friend, as well as lover. This may well fill you with renewed hope.

I will let you know how to obtain more information about this Profile and how to use dating resources effectively to meet the right people. So, when you are ready to venture out again, this time you will feel prepared to recognize a woman with whom you have compatibility as well as chemistry.

Joe, it may be difficult for you to believe right now, but there is a woman looking for someone just like you. You just need to know how to recognize her.


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