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I Need a Holiday Honey

Dear Philippa,

I am dreading the thought of the upcoming holidays. I'm divorced and I know my family and friends are going to ask me questions about my love life. I've dated a bit, but no one special. Any tips to help me find someone special for Christmas?

�Walter, Annapolis, MD


Dear Walter,

Once the calendar hits November some people panic at the thought of being alone during the holidays. Santa may ask us if we were naughty or nice, but the words we most dread are, "How's your love life?" Everyone around the table stops stuffing themselves as they stare at you. Then the next thing you know they're all giving you advice on how to meet a nice man or woman.

It's enough to make you want to run away to the Caribbean for the holidays. Before you do, I have some ideas that can make this year's holidays extra special for you.

Recently I read a book on Feng Shui�an eastern philosophy dealing with the circulation of energy as it applies to how we place things around us. The author suggests divorced people redecorate their bedroom as a way of welcoming love into their lives.

Before you think this is a wacky idea, think about how you feel about your bedroom. Is this just a place to sleep and dress for work? Or, is this the kind of place that will kindle romance, where you can feel comfortable and sensual? Is this place welcoming to a woman? Are the colors rosy and warm? Men may like blue but it's a cold color for a bedroom. If you prefer neutrals like gray and beige, warm things up with rose, peach, purple or burgundy tones in pillows, comforters, candles, etc.

Just the act of buying some new sheets in anticipation of a new love is going to get that old cosmic ball rolling. Believe me, when you act like something is already happening, it usually does.

You don't have to dread the holidays. You can decide that this is the Christmas you are going to celebrate the season, for all the reasons its special�none of which depend on having a new romance.

Spoil yourself and those you love with attention and special gifts, some should be homemade or personal. Give your time and attention to those that need your help because service is a salve for the broken-hearted. Go caroling, attend a candle light service, and take some kids to see Santa and delight in their wonder.

Of course you may also go to some holiday parties and look for someone new on the web. The activities you choose to expand your social network are unimportant. You'll be so high on the season that you're going to glow like a Christmas candle and guess what�some incredible lady is going to be attracted to a special guy with his heart full of the holidays, and it will be you.



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