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The Meant2Be all-time best selling book:

4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now!

Read by thousands and rated as the "Best dating advice book for intelligent single adults."

Forget all the games and the rules. In this inspiring and informative book a Fortune 500-business consultant provides a simple four-step process, using real life examples to help you define and meet the right man or woman for you: the person who likes and loves you just the way you are. Laugh and learn from the author's humorous anecdotes of her own desperate dating adventures. Read answers to relevant dating questions from men and women just like you.

Discover how to:

Meet people with whom have both chemistry and compatibility

Recognize the right ones from the wrong ones

Combine an analytical and intuitive approach to finding your right one

Rate six types of dating services against your financial and emotional investment

Be market-smart in how you meet prospective dates.


Read this book
and discover how
you can use
"The Secret"
to find the
love of your life.

Personal Seminar


The Meant2Be Seminar: three 60-minute audiocassettes in a custom 3-ring binder (which also holds the six additional items below)

Listen, laugh, and learn how to apply proven achievement principles to your search for love. Philippa Courtney, respected author, speaker, advice columnist, and former Fortune 500 business consultant, shares a practical, heart-centered, four-step process that will help you define and meet the right man or woman for you. Enjoy the spontaneity of a live audience, as Philippa recounts her humorous desperate dating adventures and joins her husband to candidly answer audience questions about dating, the 4 Steps Process and their relationship.



1) The Meant2Be GuideBook

A comprehensive learning tool that contains over 50 pages of key points and tips on how to effectively apply the proven 4 Steps.

Complete with worksheets and space for note taking, this 8�"x11" book is an indispensable companion to your 4 Step Personal Seminar on audiocassette.

As you listen to your Personal Seminar you can make notes and write your personal thoughts along side each of the key points and then later read the additional supporting information provided through out this book.



2) The Meant2Be Profile

A powerful tool designed to help you distinguish your right person from the wrong ones. Takes you through 10 key areas of your life to help you identify the kinds of people with whom you can be happiest.

Learn how to go beyond your analytical thinking and use the power of your unconscious to turn a wish list into the real thing.

Easy to use 8�" x 11" format with examples and space to write.

Part 1: Identify the traits in others that allow you to feel happy.

Part 2: Define the characteristics, values, goals, and styles of your ideal person.

Part 3: Create an Emotional-Snapshot of how you will feel with the right person.




3) The Meant2Be DateBook

An innovative and practical tool designed to help you quickly and effectively find the right person for you.

An 8� x 11" Diary format with rating charts helps you objectively compare impressions as you date different people. Reinforces the positive by focusing on dates with people you want to see again.

Discover how to:

Distinguish between lust, romance, and long-term potential.

Become more aware of how you feel with each person you meet and how feelings change as you get to know each other.

Clearly understand what you are getting out of relationships, what you are willing to give, and what you ultimately want.


Write an Effective Ad


4) How to Write an Effective Romance Ad Online or in Print

Two pages of expert tips and examples that will help you write effective online and print ads.  Discover how to use humor to develop effective headlines with ad copy that attracts the kind of person you want to meet.

Dating Resource Evaluato


5) The Meant2Be Dating Resource Evaluator

A worksheet designed to help you evaluate which dating services will work best for you.  Categories include: cost, demographics & competition, preview & references, time invested, and duration.

Reminder Cards


6) Meant2Be Reminder Cards

A pocketsize affirmation and reminder card designed to help inspire you and keep you positively on track while you are actively dating and on the path to meeting your right one. Includes three cards�for your wallet, briefcase and/or purse, etc.

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