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What This Book Is and What It Isn�t

Before You Start

How Meant2Be Came to Be


How the Meant2Be Process Will Work for You

You�ve Got What It Takes

Put "Choose" back in Your Vocabulary

Enjoy the Process

How Can I Tell the Difference between Who�s Right and Who�s Wrong?

Step 1: Define the Right Kind of Person for You

Focus on What Makes You the Happiest in a Relationship

Bring Compatibility and Chemistry Together




The Urge to Merge

Discover What Makes You Happiest When You Are with the Right Person

The Meant2Be Profile

First, Remember

Focus on the Positive

Identify the Positive People in Your Life

Compile You Meant2Be Profile

The Meant2Be Profile Categories

Physical Style, Emotional Style, Social Style, Intellectual Style, Physical Expression Style, Communication Style, Career/Financial Style, Personal Growth Style, Belief (Spiritual) Style, Passions

Complete Your Meant2Be Profile

I Know What I Want�Why Can�t I Find Them?

Step 2: Bring Your Special Person to Life

Create Your Emotional-Snapshot

Believe Your Right One Exists

Use the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

How Business Leaders Use the Unconscious

Imaging Possibilities

Access Your Unconscious Mind

Practice Using Your Emotional-Snapshot

7 Ways to Unleash Your Unconscious

Who Has Time to Find the Right Person?

Step 3: Make Smart Choices to Attract the Right People

Get a Good Return on Your Financial and Emotional Investments

Evaluate Dating Resources

Using the Dating Resource Evaluator

Cost, Demographics and Competition, Preview and References, Comfort and Convenience, Time Invested, Duration

Select the Best Dating Service Providers

Where and How Do You Meet People?

Meet a "Better Quality" of People

Go from Dating to Relating

Why Can�t I Be Attracted to the Right People?

Step 4: Deal with Your Heart and Hormones

Premature Expectation

Romantic Fantasia

Lust Blindness

When Is Mr. or Ms. Right Going to Appear?

Happy Endings

When You Are Ready

When It Happens

Almost the End�But Really the Beginning

Choose and Use Dating Resources Effectively

Consumer Advice

Romance Print Ads

Tips for Creating an Effective Romance Print Ad or Internet Profile

Online Matchmaking

Tips for Voice Mail Messages�Screening and Responses

Video Dating Clubs

Getting the Best Deal at Video Dating Clubs

Matchmakers/Introduction Services

Deciding Whom You Want to Meet and Where

Activity and Special Interest Clubs

Lunch and Dining Clubs

In Summary

Answers to Real-Life Dating Challenges

Dating Advice - "AskPhilippa"

It Pays to Advertise

Reaching Your Peak

When the Mating Game Becomes the Waiting Game

Back in the Dating Game

When Love is a One-Way Street

Where Are All the Good Guys?

Old Lovers Are Like Boomerangs

Sweet Smells of Romance

Chasing Cheerleaders

Online Connection�Off Line Intimacy

When a Romantic Getaway Turns into a Let Me Get Away

The Right Person/The Wrong Time

When Long-Term Relationships Are Measured in Months

I'll be Calling You�and Other Famous Last Lines

It's Time Baby

More Advice


Dating Tools

To help you define the right kind of person for you

The Meant2Be Profile Categories

To help you choose dating resources effectively

The Meant2Be Dating Resource Evaluator

To help you track relationship potential

Example of the Meant2Be DateBook

Tools designed to help you apply the Meant2Be Process

Additional Resources


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