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"This is exactly what smart singles like me have been crying out for�a book that respects my intelligence and doesn't bore me with psychology.  It's practical and it works: I have finally met a great woman who thinks I am great too!"

�Jack P.

"The things I learned from your seminar and book are working for me! I am now having excellent dates.  I no longer get upset when I realize it's not the real thing because I know now that it's just a matter of time before I meet the right man."

�Mary Kay D.

"Wow, I now understand why my marriage didn't work�neither of us had any idea how to figure out who our right person really is.  I am now happily married to the right woman (for me and my kids) and my ex is using the process to find the right man for her (and our kids)."

�Bob E.

  Are you ready to have the Right Person in your life?

Philippa Courtney"As a career focused person, I was single for a long time. Even though I met plenty of men, read all the "how to" books and tried almost every dating method available, none of this brought the right man into my life. That�s exactly why I applied skills that I taught my management consulting clients. I developed this business-based, heart-centered process for myself. It worked beyond all expectations! I shared my success with friends and colleagues who encouraged me to develop a seminar and then write the book 4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now!  It is now my personal mission to help intelligent people like you know the joy of having someone in your life who loves and accepts you just the way you are."

�Philippa Courtney

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

How Can I Tell the Difference between Who's Right and Wrong? Learn how to define the kind of person with whom you'll be the happiest�the kind of person who will accept and like you just the way you are.

I Know Who I Want, Why Can't I Find Them? Discover how to go beyond just creating a list of attributes that you want in someone; harness your analytical thinking, intuitive skills, and social radar skills to become a magnet for the right person.

Who Has Time to Find the Right Person? Learn how to identify the most qualified people for you; discover how to select and effectively use six different dating services; learn marketing techniques for creating online profiles and personal ads that attract the right people.

Why Can't I Be Attracted to the Right People? Learn how to deal with the urge to merge and distinguish between lust, romance, and long-term potential; discover three key thoughts that guide you to people with whom you can have all the sizzle plus the comfort of a  good friend.

Stop waiting and wishing for the right person
and start making it all come true now!

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