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  Question & Story Ideas


  How can people find someone with whom they have both chemistry and compatibility?

  What are the secrets to finding the right person on the Internet?

  How can a phone call kill your love life?

  What are Premature Expectation, Lust Blindness, and Romantic Fantasia? And, How do you avoid or cure them?

  Why is that "having interests in common" is NOT as important as we think?

  How can people tell if the person they are dating has long-term potential?

  What are the most important factors in selecting a dating club or matchmaking service?

  Who is the RIGHT person?

  What should people make sure they say in online ads?

  How do you select a good matchmaker?

  What was your goal in writing this book?

  How did you meet Robert, your husband and business partner?

  What is unique about your plan of action for finding the ideal mate?

  Can you share with us some of your more unusual experiences in dating?

Story Ideas:

  When your mom or dad comes to you for dating advice�How you can help your divorced and widowed parents find love again.

  Show your smart daughter or brilliant son how to find lasting love with the right person.

  How to be sure the person you bring into your life will be good for your kids too.

  Is dating someone with kids for you?�Some expert advice that can help you decide.

  This time you�ll get it right!�How to be sure that the next person you fall for is really right for you.

  Finding true love at Midlife�Expert shows the career-focused and divorced how making wiser choices makes life sweeter the first, second or ?? time around.

  Looking for a little mischief, a lot of sizzle, and someone you can spend a lifetime with?�How you can help solve the chemistry and compatibility puzzle.

  If you ran your business like your love life, would you go broke?�Business consultant shows career professionals how to be successful in their personal life too?

  The business of love�How to be a market-smart consumer of dating services and attract Mr. or Ms. Right.

  Entrepreneurial couple make love at work�How a former management consultant found the key to chemistry and compatibility in her personal life�she married her soul mate, a marketing professional, and together started a business helping others find their ideal match.

Philippa Courtney will share with your audience:

  How to identify and find the cure to Premature Expectation, Romantic Fantasia, and Lust Blindness.

  How to determine the kind of person with whom you will be the happiest.

  How to get the best deal and attract the most suitable people using six popular types of dating services.

  How to go beyond creating a wish list and find someone with whom you will have both sizzle and compatibility.

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