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Philippa Courtney�s career has taken her from Star Wars strategy sessions to the technology giants of Silicon Valley, with a stopover in Hollywood writing for television in between. Now she is applying the skills she learned in the business world to help people tackle one of life�s hardest challenges: finding the right person to share their life.

It�s not that big a stretch. A former management consultant to some of the nation�s top technology and engineering teams, Courtney learned early on that the best managers balanced their analytical decision-making with intuition and innovation, a process she calls "Total Brain Thinking."

Despite her success in business, she found far less victory in her personal life. What Courtney discovered was that she wasn�t applying that same total brain thinking to her love life, where she mainly relied on her emotions. Although Courtney tried every dating method around� personal ads, video dating, matchmakers and activity clubs, and had read the find-a-mate books�she met lots of men and had some interesting shorter-term relationships, yet she still couldn�t find the right one. And even though her single engineering-educated friends approached their search for the right relationship using their analytical skills, they were having as much trouble as she was. Courtney came to the realization that these were very familiar problems. What she had discovered was that like most single adults, she was not using the exact skills she had been teaching her clients to apply in business�their reasoning, instinct, visualization, and social radar skills�to achieve her personal goals.

Thus began a three-year journey that has resulted in the 4 Step Process, which Courtney originally developed to bring the right person into her own life. Now on a mission to help others, she teaches her business-based process at seminars and through a complete system that includes tapes, workbooks and her latest book, 4 Steps to Bring the Right Person into Your Life Right Now. "This isn�t a bag-a-mate thing," she says. "Think of it more as a management primer for achieving one of the most important goals of your life."

Courtney also writes the online dating advice column "AskPhilippa" which is read by thousands of divorced and still-single men and women across the US and Canada.

An author and television personality with a lifelong fascination with human behavior, Courtney takes on that charge with a lively sense of humor and a depth of personal tales that will leave anyone who is single, or knows someone who is single, laughing. She speaks from experience: The 4 Step Process she helps others use is the same one that led the former Leeds, Yorkshire lass to Robert, her husband, who she says is her true soul mate. Courtney and her husband reside in Providence, Rhode Island.


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