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Philippa Courtney

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  About Philippa Courtney
Philippa (pronounced fill-ip-ahthe British way)  is the author of the book 4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now, the Profile, DateBook, GuideBook, and Personal Seminar.  She writes the AskPhilippa online dating advice column and personally teaches the 4 Step Process at all Meant2Be Seminars.

Philippa is entertaining, media friendly, and makes for a great interview.

A former Leeds lass from Yorkshire, England, Philippa is delightfully outspoken  and animated, with a special knack for telling stories that audiences relate to and love. She has that rare combination of credentials and down-to-earth common sense. This is not a Ph.D. talking�this is a woman with the been-there-done-that experience that comes from years of being single and searching.

Energetic and passionate about her subject, she lights up the phone lines with call-ins as she shares her funny, yet touching dating-disaster stories and dispenses wise, warm advice.

With some experience in Hollywood as a writer of TV sitcoms, she brings an entertaining view of life as a single adult to TV, radio and print audiences.

And there is also the other side of Philippa, an accomplished management consultant who in her mid-life reinvented herself, overcoming tragedy and personal challenges to make her number one mission helping others discover all they can achieve.

Philippa says, "Being single when you want to share your life with someone special takes a lot of time and emotional energy. It�s often a frustrating and disappointing experience. You begin to wonder if something is wrong with you."

"Before I figured it out, I spent more than ten years and thousands of dollars on all the dating services, I read all the generic books, but the process for finding compatible people always seemed so hit or miss�usually miss. I just knew there had to be a better way, but I couldn�t find it. So I developed a process for myself. Nothing beats the feeling I now get when people write and tell me how the process has brought incredible changes into their life."

Philippa is passionate about the process she says does away with the games and rules, and deals with being authentic so you can have someone in your life who accepts and loves you just the way you are�that�s the ultimate reward.

Everyone Knows Someone Who is Single

There are millions of mothers, fathers and relatives out there who want their son, daughter or grandchild  to find the right person. There are the divorced, many of them single parents, who want to be sure that next time they get it right. There are also many adults who want to help their mom or dad find love again. This is a subject that touches everyone�s life.

Philippa is the entertaining and informative expert guest that will help you provide your audience with the latest and most meaningful answers on this hot subject.

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