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Q. What is the 4 Steps Process based on?

The author, Philippa Courtney, spent years as a single person trying most of the resources available for meeting people; these included:  personal ads, video dating, introduction services and singles adventure clubs.  Her experience is based on real life experience, not theory�She is not a Ph.D.  This process is based on personal experience combined with an extensive background in strategic communications, management consulting, and organizational effectiveness.

Q. Is the 4 Steps Process aimed at certain age groups?

The process of defining what kind of person will make you the happiest and understanding how to use dating resources effectively will help people of any age. People of all ages will benefit by having more positive dating experiences.  You will be able to bring the right person into your life when you are ready and know what you want.  Divorced people, career-focused singles, people who have experienced the loss or lack of a significant relationship will be reaffirmed that they are capable of bringing the right person into their life.

Q. How long will it take for people to see results from this process?

If you’re talking about results in terms of increased self-esteem and empowerment,  almost immediately.  First, you will see improvement in the quality of people you date.  How quickly you meet that right person will depend on how comfortable you are in putting yourself out there so you can meet as many reasonably qualified partners as possible.  We need to be able to say no to all the wrong people (that we wish were right) before we start to recognize the right ones.  It took the author, Philippa, six months to meet Robert, her husband, but she was just developing this process at that time.

Q. Does the 4 Steps Process cover psychological issues, such as how to deal with emotional baggage?

There are a lot of excellent resources out there for people who need to address their personal issues.  The author encourages people to pursue personal growth and healing in their own time, in whatever way they choose.  Personal growth is an ongoing process and people do not have to fix themselves completely before they can meet a suitable partner. It is the author's personal experience that some of the best work on personal growth occurs within the context of a committed, trusting relationship.

Q. Where do spiritual and religious beliefs fit into this process?

The 4 Steps Process does not advocate any specific ideology.  Although the author's personal experience was spiritually based, people can choose to enhance or guide the process by partnering with their higher power or choose not to�either way, the process will work.

Q. Does the 4 Steps Process teach people to look for the perfect person?

Having focus is a key step in achieving anything important in life.  That does not mean we have to be locked into a specific type of person.   The 4 Step Process helps you identify values, traits, and various styles in the right person that make you the happiest�not the packaging or just common interests.   It's how we feel when we are with somebody that is the truest gauge of compatibility.



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