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June 15, 2000                                                                         CONTACT: Bob Fiske / 503-353-8840

Debunking the Compatibility Myth

Everywhere people are gazing into their computers looking for the ideal person at the other end of the web. Even when they think they've figured out exactly the kind of the person that they want to meet why is it that face to face they just don't click?

Philippa Courtney, advice columnist and author of 4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now! says dating checklists don't work. Courtney says that locking yourself into a mental checklist alienates rather than attracts the right ones. People can tell when they're talking to someone with a screening agenda.

You connect at the emotional not the analytical list level. Having interests in common is not an indicator of compatibility. When your styles are in sync you are more likely to click.

The keys for finding compatibility plus sizzle begin with how you feel about yourself when you 're with someone. Feel comfortable first. Instant excitement is not a prerequisite for chemistry or compatibility. Notice the people you enjoy, people that already like you; that's how you want to feel.

Courtney's wisdom is based on her experiences as the self-proclaimed Poster Child for dating disasters. A single, Fortune 500 management consultant she blended her business savvy and dating smarts to develop a 4 step process that produced amazing results for her and now countless others.

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Author: Philippa Courtney



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