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December 1, 2000                                                                         CONTACT: Bob Fiske / 503-353-8840

Holiday Tips for Singles

No Holiday Grinch for Single Adults

The green curmudgeon may be in at the movies, but being cynical and grumpy isn't cool when it comes to attracting people. People are drawn to those that are positive and warm.

Philippa Courtney, advice columnist and author of 4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now! advises singles to stop worrying about finding someone special for the season. Courtney says: "The activities you choose to expand your social network are unimportant. But, be high on the holidays and glow like a Christmas candle. The woman or man you want to meet will be attracted to the person who has their heart full of the holidays."

Courtney offers singles these tips for turning the tables on the holiday blues:

Avoid the holiday office party. If you go feeling lonely and vulnerable you could end up snuggling in the coat closet with someone you work with, worse still, with someone you work for. If you go to the party alone you also risk the unpleasant ritual of being given the once over by the spouses of your usually chummy coworkers.

Get into the holiday rush. Leave the mailing of holiday packages until the last minute and meet someone standing in line at the post office. Grumbling over the inefficiencies of the bureaucracy builds intimacy. People are more approachable when they're standing in lines.

Wear the holiday spirit. Dig out the holiday ties, socks, sweaters, and suspenders and show everyone that you're into the season. Fun, even goofy clothing makes a great conversation opener, especially on elevators.

Help others. Give your time and attention to those that need your help because service to others is the best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Start in your neighborhood. Try shoveling snow for an elderly neighbor or go grocery shopping for a sick friend.

Have some fun. Join or organize a caroling party with friends or coworkers. Then sing your heart out where you can meet some eligible people, like at your apartment complex or in the office building where you work.

Celebrate. Decide that this holiday you are going to celebrate the season for all the reasons its special-none of which have to depend on having a new romance. Recapture the wonder and spiritual meaning of the season. Attend a candle light service or take some kids to see Santa.

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