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January 17, 2001                                                                         CONTACT: Bob Fiske / 503-353-8840

Valentines Tips for the Unattached

How to Give Cupid a Kick in the Caboose!

Valentines Day rates right up there with a root canal for many single people. If you're not in a relationship and have no romantic interests, the stress to meet someone can feel enormous.

Philippa Courtney, advice columnist and author of "4 Steps to bring the Right Person into your life Right Now!" says the keys to attracting romance are be approachable, and appear relaxed, sincere and fun-loving. Courtney offers these tips for turning yourself into a target for Cupid's arrow:

Buy yourself flowers. But don't take them home right away. A person carrying a bouquet of flowers, especially a man sends out signals that he is romantic and thoughtful. Small bouquets of sweet-smelling blooms work best. Stay away from roses and showy bouquets. They imply you're taken. Then take your flowers on the subway, to the coffee shop, and on elevators and be prepared for sighs and smiles from admiring strangers.

Recycle your ex. Get together with your male and female buddies and throw a party with unattached, likeable, old beaus and girlfriends. Everybody has an ex and what better way to get the low down on someone you're thinking of dating than from your friends.

Reprogram your dating radar. To recognize and attract people with the most potential change your mind-set and fantasize. Imagine yourself as a babe magnet and you'll release substances in your brain to make you feel happier and more relaxed. People are always more attracted to someone who seems in love with life

Put a puppy in your pocket. When you are out with a pet you are immediately perceived as more approachable. No dog of your own? Borrow a Benji-Great Danes don't count. Guys, put an adorable, stuffed animal in your pocket and watch women take the initiate.

Create a love nest. Especially if you're divorced-Out with the old and in with the new. A bedroom should be a place that kindles romance. Keep the colors rosy and inviting and stay away from the cold grays and blues. Just the act of buying new sheets and candles in anticipation of a new love gets the cosmic ball moving. When you act like something is already happening, it usually does.

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