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DEC 8, 2001 �  Holiday and New Year's Tips For the Unattached
12 Ways to Find More Love During Trying Times

JUN 6, 2001 �  How to Avoid the June Wedding Woes
Survival Tips for the Single Guest

MAY 1, 2001 �  Make the First 7 Minutes Count
10 Tips for Effective Speed Dating

MAR 27, 2001Spring Mating Rituals-The Sex Rule
Tips On When To Get Intimate

MAR 08, 2001Gender Equity & The Price Of Love
So Who Pays For Dinner?

JAN 17, 2001 �  Valentines Tips for the Unattached
How to Give Cupid a Kick in the Caboose!

DEC 01, 2000 �  Holiday Tips for Singles
No Holiday Grinch for Single Adults

OCT 26, 2000 �  Is Your Date Daddy or Mommy Material

AUG 26, 2000 �  Love At Work�If Office Walls Could Talk

AUG 17, 2000 �  How Do You Tell Someone It Is Over?

JUN 15, 2000 �  Debunking the Compatibility Myth

JAN 15, 2000 �  Forget the Rules - Forget the Games
Business Consultant Delivers Solution for Singles Who Have Achieved
Success in Their Careers and Want the Same in Their Love Life


Philippa Courtney will share with your audience

  Tips on how singles can best deal with holiday blues.

  How to identify and find the cure to Premature Expectation, Romantic Fantasia, and Lust Blindness.

  How to determine the kind of person with whom you will be the happiest.

  How to get the best deal and attract the most suitable people using six popular types of dating services.

  How to go beyond creating a wish list and find someone with whom you will have both sizzle and compatibility.

Philippa is entertaining, media friendly, and makes for a great interview.

Philippa can also answer your listeners� questions via call-in
or through her on-line dating column, "AskPhilippa."

One of the strongest assets found in Courtney�s book is her warm, personal tone. With humorous anecdotes and stories of her own dating disasters, Courtney reaches out to readers as if the book was an intimate conversation with a wise friend. She has written the book she wanted to find for herself � and in doing so, her sincerity and heart shine through.

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Trade Paperback/$14.95/1-58639-000-7

Author: Philippa Courtney


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